This sun has for a long time now shown brightly in my sky;
but only lately have I noticed the sweet summ’ry rays.
And now I stand transfixed and stare, can’t look away. My eye
is color blind, as yellow, red and green together haze.

How strange, our lives are often changed with one brief, simple word.
I know, I trust, again that providence surely knows best.
This tide will either ebb and wane or else is upwards spurred,
as gravity’s defied, and fears are swiftly put to rest.
Now night’s bewitching hour stands between this day and next.
I sit and wait in joy and fear, anxious for morrow’s light.
Sweet peace and joy are mine, if I’d but trust the blessed text,
but human thoughts keep me from yet proclaiming it the night.
These words I cling to, words that scan millennia’s broad scope,
Oh Agnus Dei, timeless one, you turn our doubts to hope.


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