The dark country road unfurls
like a sturdy old piece of parchment.
Trees line both sides, enveloping
the passage securely, allowing
my undistracted mind to wander free.
Double lines are my only means
of navigation, and for a brief moment
I am freer than any historic explorer.
The Indies and Indiana are one and the same
and all that matters are the twists of the path ahead.

The windows are down and the cooling night
enters and exits in a steady flow, still aromatic;
nature recently baked in the hot summer’s day.
Hewn grass, evening dew, a hint of rain and roses
mixed into a nighttime casserole.
The headlights fade as they reach forward,
enlightening the distant darkness.
Unspoken thoughts rise above the shadows
of the foliage canopy, reaching their untested wings
towards the heavens. All this and more
designed for such solitary moments as these,
when life lies before you like uncharted waters,
and all you can do is look in the direction of the light.
Smile. Drive on.


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