Building Aesthetics

Take your words, your hands
and build beauty with them.
Add to the layers left before us

so those ahead can see their volume.
Let your words sparkle as they construct
cathedrals of songs,

stained glass words through which
the sun may shine, and set
your heart to blazing colors.

Stop looking at your feet
as they count mile after mile
of worn down cement, through which

only gold-capped weeds can
pass. Look up.
See the wind swept sky,

spot the traces where the broom
left off and clouds began to trail.
Paint a story, a long one

full of rabbit trails and tangents
and fields full of delights.
Ears were meant to hear,

so listen to the laughter
of the Aspen leaves,
or the quiet intake of breath

as a wide eyed infant
startles himself at a new discovery.
Listen, then make –

so he may know the wonder
and see the glory
and make beauty
all his own.


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