Every last leaf has finally fallen and nature has died once again. The first signs of flurries danced down toward us today and were greeted with enthusiasm that will, no doubt, disappear by January. They will dance again with a little more enthusiasm soon and cover the whole area like a tombstone. We will go out and stomp and romp and play in it and laugh in death’s face, because winter isn’t just a season of death; it is the season that ushers in life. This tombstone will melt away and reveal new birth.

Given that we are preparing for new things, I thought that it was time to revamp this blog. Thus far it has mainly been a place to house my poetry. I will continue to post these, but I am broadening it to include random thoughts (after all, this was the original intent of a “blog”, yes?), photographs (thanks to a new DSLR camera), and an occasional story.

Before I put this post to rest, I should include one more item that falls under the category of “new”. November 5, 2010 a young man bent down on one knee, pulled out some ring-bling, and told me that he wanted to give me a new last name. As fond as I am of my current one, I also happen to love new things. I agreed. Details are forthcoming, but we are hoping for an early August wedding.


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