Life never goes as planned, and blogging even less so. Promises of revamping this blog fell flat, thanks to a few major life changes. In the past few months I:

  • Planned a wedding
  • Got married
  • Honeymooned
  • Packed up all earthly belongings – well, almost all, minus a few random things in parents’ attics
  • Moved across country to southern California
  • Unpacked all of our earthly belongings into our new apartment, while watching Peter assemble an apartment’s worth of Ikea furniture
  • Cheered on as Peter began classes at Caltech, signaling the next five years of our life
  • Joined a wonderful new church
  • Started nannying

These are just the significant things. Many little things have happened and been forgotten, sadly, and I am reviving my neglected little blog in the hopes of not letting these little things avoid memory any longer. Perhaps I’ll even pick up poetry writing again. Until then, this is Kara Rapp signing out.


One thought on “Changes

  1. Nice to have you back at blogging. Obviously I have not been checking your blog regularly for awhile now. However, now that I’ve found not one, but three posts I will definitely be back!. =D Fun to see and read about California.

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