O pioneers!

Learning how to put food on the table 3 meals a day, seven days a week and stay under our food budget has been a fun challenge these first three months of marriage. In reality, breakfast is fairly simple: usually bagels, eggs, a hasty-run-out-the-door to class pop tart (shhh) or granola bar. Lunch is usually sandwiches or leftovers. Dinner is where the fun begins.

Since I work until 6 three days a week, I try to have three simpler meals that don’t take too long – or, recently, I’ve discovered the joys of making a casserole the night before and sticking it in the oven when I walk in the door. This usually means whipping up one of my mom’s amazing, tried and true meals. For one of my bridal showers she made me a recipe book full of extended family recipes which has already been put to quite a bit of use. The rest of the days, I’ve been having fun experimenting with new recipes on my willing guinea pig, aka, my hubby who has the most easy going taste buds in the world. According to my taste buds, there have been a few major flops, but Peter ever and always makes some comment along the lines of “Honey, this is amazing!” I think it’s time to start an anonymous survey.

Even though a few recipes haven’t turned out quite gourmet, there is one website that hasn’t let me down so far. Thepioneerwoman.com has amazing recipes. I’ve probably tried six or seven already, and they’ve all been added to my regular dinner line-up. If you’re looking for some new recipes, definitely check out the site.


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