I am a Midwest girl through and through. And as much as I love the Midwest for many reasons, in this instance I mean that I’m used to there being almost nowhere to go outdoors for a free (or inexpensive) day trip. Wisconsin was about as pretty as it got, Lake Michigan’s free beaches were all too crowded, and mountains or hiking…well, remember I said the Midwest.

One of the things Peter and I love most about Southern California is how much there is to do. Of course you can pay and go to Disneyland or Universal Studios, but we have been enjoying all of the mountains, canyons, beaches and quaint little towns within a 2 hour drive of us. And there are plenty to discover.

Just last week Peter and I spent a rather overcast day in Ventura, a coastal town about an hour north of Pasadena. It looks freezing in the pictures, but the temperature was decent and the sun came out after I left the camera in the car. Figures.


I think that cloudy beaches are sometimes better. At least until sunset.


My handsome husband. This was after the tide started coming in and I retreated farther from the waves and closer to the shore.


We don't get this too often in Chicago.


Two types of beach foliage.



I'm becoming quite a pro at setting up timed shots. And no, you cannot see a baby bump if you squint. But I have one.


They had a dated, almost creepy old arcade by the harbor, so I introduced Peter to my favorite arcade game from by-gone years.


Peter has this whole husband to a pregnant wife thing down. That is fudge in the white box. Also featured is the frog that we won from the arcade.


And last, but certainly not least, we discovered the hidden gem of Ventura: Hole in the wall gyros. We have both eaten our fair share, and we both had to agree that these surpassed all others. We ate gyros, fudge, read C.S. Lewis, and greatly enjoyed being California residents.


4 thoughts on “Ventura

  1. Sounds like a fun day. I could really go for some mountains right now. Beaches… eh, but mountains yes. 😉
    Great pics, btw.

  2. That arcade game was totally my favorite too!!!! I haven’t played it in years!
    PS I squinted and I totally saw the baby bump….. :p

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