Look, Ma! I’m a grown up!

Easter is not our first married holiday together, but it is the first we’ve hosted at our house. We decided to have some of our Caltech friends over after church to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection. It sounded like a great, uncomplicated idea until I realized that I’ve never planned or carried out a holiday meal plan before. After utilizing google and pinterest, the modern housewife’s best friends, I discovered about 20 ways to bake and glaze a ham. Granted, I had to go to four different grocery stores to even find one (they were all either sold out or massively huge and over $30).


We will be eating leftover ham for days. Good thing it turned out so tasty: pear and orange juice brown sugar honey glaze is the way to go! Peter did a superb job of carving.

Another first was making sweet tea. My dear mother gave me a delicious assortment of amazing loose leaf teas for one of my wedding showers, so I went with apple lemon pomegranate. My southern friends would probably scoff that I have the audacity to call it “sweet”, but I didn’t have the courage to add cups of sugar.Image


The Raney family (now four!). Our mutual Caltech friends the Bobbitts came for dessert a little later.


Week old Catherine Raney...made me all the more excited about our coming addition in a few months!




5 thoughts on “Look, Ma! I’m a grown up!

  1. Daniel was just commenting tonight that we should have ham more often. (We had ham at Auntie Andrea’s on Saturday.) Your ham looks delicious! Glad all went well. Of course, that is no surprise…you are very adept in the kitchen!

    Love you!

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