The past two weeks have been my…

…First time sick and pregnant. Not fun, not fun at all. I sounded like a congested chain smoker for about two weeks. I kept Kleenex out of bankruptcy. I drooled at the forbidden ibuprofen sitting in our medicine cabinet. I sucked on cough drops like they were lifesavers (they were, actually). I also have the best, sweetest husband in the world.

…First big baby purchase. No, we did not purchase a fat baby, we found a car seat on craigslist for a fraction of the cost new. Did you know that car seats have expiration dates? Apparently they get moldy or smelly or something after a few years, but thankfully I knew this ahead of time…so for all you concerned parents out there, I did make sure it was legit. If it is possible to anthropomorphize a website, I am stalking craigslist these days for other such sweet Southern California steals.

…First braxton hicks contraction. I’ve actually wondered for about a week if I was getting them occasionally, but today I had one that was unmistakable. It was kind of fun, bizarrely enough. I know, I know, I will look back on that statement in a few months and laugh. But right now they remind me that baby is in there.


3 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Haha, yeah, I remember being excited about my first BH contractions with Audrey. They were not too bad with the 1st pregnancy, a lot less pleasant now, but oh well. šŸ˜‰ And YES, Craigslist is amazing. Usually. Unless you get ripped off. Not that I have ever been there. *cough* But we have found a lot of baby stuff there. Garage sales were also pretty big during the summer. We got a lot of baby clothes and a crib and a stroller at one. And never forget the resale shops. Especially the kid ones. Do you have any around you?

    And seriously, SOMEONE needs to invent pregnancy-safe ibuprofen.

  2. Sadly our resale shops are nothing like the ones I’m used to in Chicago. I visited the two nearby and they are full of over priced and junky items. But I’m planning on scouring garage sales, and craigslist seems to be pretty fruitful.

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