Baby Girl

Early on in our pregnancy it took us all of two seconds to decide that we both wanted to find out our baby’s gender at our second trimester ultrasound. There are many reasons why couples choose to find out or choose to wait, but for us we agreed that the sooner we knew, the better. So earlier this week we found ourselves in a darkened doctor’s office, staring at a big tv screen while the doctor pointed out important details of our little baby. He showed us a tiny and perfectly formed hand and watched the fingers curl into a fist, he showed us the spine, the face, the heart, the leg bones…and then, very calmly announced that we would be having a little baby girl.

That moment was a bit of a blur to me. We had to ask, trying not to insult the doctor’s intelligence, how certain he was. He responded with a freeze frame and “95% sure” that satisfied us both. A baby girl. Our little daughter. And once again, we found that our lives were changed.

In the days since that news we have loved calling our little daughter by her name. More than anything I’m happy to be done with the gender neutral “it”, “he or she” or “our baby” when talking about her with others. And now when I feel the little 19 week old flutters I can picture my daughter in the little dress we bought her. We are keeping that dress hanging up on our bookshelf in our living room, a constant reminder of the little blessing that is growing so fast already. September can’t come soon enough.


Our little girl is 10 inches long from head to heel and approximately 8-9 ounces. At most likely half her birth length but a fraction of her birth weight, the last half of this pregnancy will be mostly putting on lots and lots of baby chub. Which means that Mommy will also be getting baby chub. See, already like mother, like daughter!


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