A Lesson in Trust

Whoever said that life is an adventure probably went to grad school.

The Caltech housing system is a little unusual. Thanks to the high price of Southern Californian houses and apartments, Caltech purchased several complexes around town and subsidizes them for their grad students. This is great, however they don’t have enough to go around so every year a portion of them go up for “lottery”. Thanks to the arrival of our little girl in September we applied for two bedroom family housing. We didn’t get it. Not only that, but by applying for the family housing we lost our chances of staying in our current one bedroom apartment.

Despite this not being the end of the world and even though I know that God provides, I had a momentary emotional breakdown. Where will we bring our daughter home this fall?! What if we can’t even find a one bedroom apartment that meets our budget?! I’m going to have to move in the heat of summer while 8 months pregnant?! (How easy it is to forget how much I have been blessed with…not the least of which is a calm but understanding husband who reminds me of this!)

While Peter was explaining this on his cell phone to me he received a call in his lab office. It was the housing office. Even though our apartment building isn’t for couples with children, and even though we didn’t apply for it, they decided to make an exception for us. We can stay in our apartment! Now I just need ideas of how to turn this:


Not our closet, thankfully! Not quite, at least.

into this:


The bookcase pictured here is a bit superfluous, in my opinion.  But we have a big closet and I have grand ideas for making small space count!

The best news is that we have a roof over our heads. We have a place that fits our budget. I know where our baby will spend the first few months of her life (unless God blesses us with an even better option in the meantime!). And most importantly, God delights in taking our emotional, worried, limited viewpoints, spinning them around and surprising us with blessings we don’t even think possible.


2 thoughts on “A Lesson in Trust

  1. Amen. Another well-written entry. Love the pictures above. Love that it’s called “Rapp Family.” Love you all…

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