Home Improvements

Meet the newest addition to our little home, our brand spanking new air conditioner.

And there was much rejoicing

We got this beauty at a steal of a deal, and since I have a few days off of work this week I’ve quickly learned to appreciate it. 85 degree apartments and pregnancy do not mix well. Many thanks to Peter for lugging this massive thing up a flight of steps all by himself and for figuring out how to secure it’s hulk in our window.

I’ve also been working on clearing out our daughter’s future “room”, which means purging every single square inch of other storage space in our apartment. Two bags of things to Goodwill, a bucket of stuff to sell on ebay, figuring out alternate ideas to store things like coats, shoes and Christmas decorations, and several trips to our dumpster later, voila!

One angle of what used to be a very full closet.

I also made some curtains since we’ll only be closing the door when our little Rappette is not in her room (or if mom is being especially noisy during naptime). Now it’s just waiting for her stuff to start piling in. I have a few small nursery and house projects that I’ve got on the roster for the next few weeks, and I have small little pink outfits to gaze at in my spare time.

The newborn clothing bin

Many thanks my family for a shopping spree at Target (especially my mom and sister), my pastor’s wife Michele for some hand-me-downs, and “Aunt Jayme” for the owl rattler.


4 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. love the curtains! and any advice on how to “steal” some more air conditioners? we really need eco-friendly ones as our electric bill goes up quite a bit in the summer with the ones we have aquired!

    • We got ours at Costco – it was $120 cheaper than the same one at Walmart. Do you have a membership, or know someone who does?

  2. Love the curtain, but especially love the A/C!!! Do we get to see a peek of the pack-n-play, or are you waiting for more of the decorating to be done before we see more?

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