Saturday afternoon explorations

Peter and I are becoming experts at discovering free or inexpensive things to do in the LA area. And while our families back in the midwest are suffering through a long heat wave, we are enjoying a very temperate and, most important, low humidity summer. These two things combined brought us to Exposition Park near downtown LA.

Admittedly, we’ve both been spoiled growing up in Chicago. We are used to Michigan Ave., Grant and Millennium Parks, Navy Pier, museums and walking tours aplenty. It’s hard not to compare downtowns, and in this case Exposition park felt like a slightly less glamorous Millennium Park. There were several museums and some small parks to explore. We got there late so we had to blitz through as much of the Science Center (free admission!) as we could in an hour.


Testing our reflexes. I think we tied.

This would be a fun place to take our little Caltechy child/ren to in a few years. While many of the exhibits were geared towards kids, that hardly kept us from enjoying them.


One of the exhibits had “preserved” babies from various stages between gestation weeks 4-22, lost from normal causes. It was both incredibly sad and also an amazing display of the handiwork of our God. It was an amazing thing to see while pregnant myself, and I had to wonder about the unique stories and grief that surrounded the loss of each baby.


After this we enjoyed exploring the Rose Garden for a while and dinner (Chick-fil-a for me!). A wonderful afternoon and evening with my wonderful man.


11 months married and 7 months pregnant!



2 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon explorations

  1. i like the game peter is playing in the picture. it looks like a less challenging version of pinball. 😉

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