Week 30

My 30th week of pregnancy was reached yesterday, baby celebrating with silent jumps and kicks for joy. I may or may not have cried a little while watching youtube videos of babies born at 30 weeks gestation. My stomach is not getting any smaller and my back is not getting any more comfortable. The boy I nanny finds it a challenge to sit in my lap for “stories” and I am starting to sound wheesy when I get up out of chairs.

It would be quite easy to complain about pregnancy and to have an understanding audience. As every woman who has gone through it knows, it is not always easy. There are times when I wish that this little girl would stop playing kickball with my ribs so I can fall asleep. But then again, would I? As easy (and perhaps even justified) as it find things to moan about during pregnancy, it should be that much easier to find things to give thanks for. Those little kickball matches with my ribs? That’s a 30 week old baby that my body has been developing from a microscopic seed. I am growing a human being. And if that isn’t worth the sacrifice of a few extra pounds, a backache or 10 and a few muscle spasms, I’m not sure what is. God designed pregnancy. He mercifully made it to last only 40(ish) weeks. Is it okay to look forward (very eagerly, at times) to the end? Of course. But even though it isn’t always easy, I want to look back on this time and remember as a beautiful thing, as something mysterious and glorious.

Perhaps this is the perfect occasion to count it all joy. And since I am now supposed to practice daily fetal kick counts, I will do so literally.


One thought on “Week 30

  1. This is such a good perspective Kara!

    I’m horrible miserable right now and prone to complain. It’s hard to remember that fetal kicks are a good thing, and the absence of them would cause a different kind of grief.

    I’m super excited to hear about your journey as a Mother!!

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