366 Days

Peter and I had a extraordinary relationship, in the original sense of the word. Most of our “getting to know one another” phase was conducted 2000 miles apart, and our almost two years of a defined relationship and engagement were spent mostly 3 hours apart. Long distance, as anyone who has been there knows, is challenging. Even while we were enduring the challenges, though, we were thankful for what resulted from them. They forced us to communicate and discuss (not that we ever had trouble finding things to talk about), they made us trust one another, and they made us look forward to the day when our relationship was not so extraordinary. As I dreamed and planned for our wedding day I was excited about becoming his wife and the days’ celebrations, but honestly, I was most excited for days and weeks that I knew would follow, days like these which we are living now. Non-extraordinary moments of life together. A daily groggy morning kiss as he leaves for the lab, a morning spent meal planning and grocery shopping, worshiping together every week. When goodbyes are said for a few hours, not days or weeks.

Extraordinary has become ordinary. I wear ornate diamonds on my ring finger while grocery shopping and making the bed. Phone calls no longer last for hours since evenings and weekends are spent together, sometimes exploring our amazing new state, sometimes just reading together on the couch. We share meals and do dishes and he gives almost nightly backrubs as the scale climbs and my stomach expands with a wondrous thing called our child. One year ago God gave me a best friend to live with every day and to call my husband. This man has taught me what it means to love. He has increased my joy. He works hard, provides, encourages and loves. I would never want to go back to my wedding day because now, a year into marriage, we have so much more.







7 thoughts on “366 Days

  1. That’s beautiful, Kare. Love it. Happy anniversary! Can’t wait for pictures of my niece. Oh – and love the picture; I envy you your evergreens. 😉

  2. Beautifully written, Kara. You and Peter still have something extraordinary, and anyone who knows you can see it. Love all three of you! 🙂

  3. What a lovely expression of the wonders of the first year of marriage. I couldn’t agree more! Love you both! ~ Mom H

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