Two Week Loves

We have successfully kept a human baby alive for two weeks. This can seem like a harder task than it sounds, especially when thought about at 3am for the 14th day in a row. But in case that sound like a complaint, let me assure you that the past two weeks have been two of the most joyful in our marriage thus far. Yes, recovery can take a long time, nursing is sometimes painful and can be difficult to figure out, and sleep is a rare commodity, but….we have a baby! Some of my two week loves:

Katelyn’s still newborn smell. Snuggles at any time of day are made that much better by the smell of her fuzzy little head.

The way her body molds into the shape of whomever is holding her. Someday she’ll be much more solid and flail herself around, but not now.

Her little pants, sighs, squeaks, sleeping laughter and lip smacks.

How hard it is for her to wake up. The little forehead creases she gets when she arches her back and throws her head back in protest, looking like a younger and less green version of Yoda.

The way she still keeps her hands by her face, especially when sleeping. Nothing like striking some serious diva poses.

Watching Peter with her. Heart melts all over the place. Especially the many times he’ll randomly look over at her and say emphatically, “She’s such a doll!”

The fact that I’m the one people hand her to when she needs to be calmed down.

Being on my feet again!

Wearing regular clothes and packing away maternity clothes.

Having a constant little companion during the day while Daddy’s at work.



4 thoughts on “Two Week Loves

  1. I literally laughed out loud at your first line. I was up at 3:13 this morning and it crossed my mind that you might be feeding a hungry baby too. šŸ˜€

  2. I’m so eager to meet her and eager to me our little girl too! Cant wait to have dates with you at the turtle pond šŸ™‚

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