A Full Life

Six weeks of motherhood. It’s not long in the grand scheme of things, and yet in this short length of time my life has completely changed. My life is scheduled by baby naps, diaper changes and feeding times. Already I look back at pictures of Katelyn from her first week of life and wonder where my newborn went. Her tummy is stretching her newborn clothing past capacity and I spent an hour sadly packing her tiny little things away in exchange for a bigger size. I know, I know…this is just the beginning.


Peter’s brother just got engaged and our excitement for them made me remember our own engagement, not that long ago. Busyness and excitement abounded. I was working as a medical assistant and helping with skin cancer surgeries, teaching two home schooling classes, enjoying my first (not so glamorous) car, and I was engaged to a wonderful young man. We got married and moved out to California together, and, in newlywed style, it was hard to imagine life being any fuller. We were full of love and thoroughly enjoying our life together in an exciting new state. And now we have this little tiny person who changes and grows almost every day, changing and increasing our love, for her and for each other, in ways I never knew possible. Once again I find it hard to imagine my life able to expand any more, but unlike Kate’s clothing, I know there is more room and God will stretch me again when the time is right.


Sometimes I miss going to bed and falling asleep when I want to, knowing that I won’t have to wake up until the next morning. But I also know that a day will come when I will miss the peaceful, early (early) morning snuggles with my babies. Facing errands single-handedly is a new challenge and time spent in the grocery store has multiplied as I try to juggle post-baby brain, diaper explosions, limited cart space and lists. Then again, there is a tiny face smiling at me as I walk down the bread aisle, and strangers smile in our direction more than they ever have before as they admire my beautiful little girl. I don’t want her newborn baby snuggles and smells and fuzzy head to go away, but as I watch her hold her head up and smile and coo more and more each day, I know that bringing out the 3 month clothing isn’t such a bad thing after all.



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