Bobbitts, Beach and Babies

After church on Sunday we celebrated a ridiculously hot last weekend of October by running to Santa Monica Beach. Our fellow Chicago native friends, the Bobbitts, joined us for the afternoon.

A sweltering 90s in Pasadena meant a perfect high 70s by the ocean front. Some of us (coughcaltechiescough) dove head first into the waves. Katelyn was very grateful that I merely waded.

Hubby stopped playing long enough to strike an epic pose.

This picture is a repost, but who can resist our happy California girl.

This was Katelyn’s third time to the beach in just under 6 weeks.

We are so thankful for Brock and Lindsay’s friendship! They both grew up in the Chicago suburbs and were at the University of Illinois the same two years that Peter attended there, but it took us both moving 2000 miles away to finally meet.

Lindsay is expecting a baby girl in December. We are looking forward to our daughters being playmates in the years to come.


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