I take a ton of pictures. Thanks to digital photography, the fact that I own a DSLR camera and the sad reality that it still takes me way too many attempts to get a decent shot, my laptop is filled with thousands of stored photos.

As a kid I loved pouring over the photo albums my mom put together. We had several massive books that practically fell apart from use. I want our kids (and us!) to have a similar experience enjoying tangible photos. So spurred on by a desire not to fall too far behind and a photobook deal thanks to Groupon, I spent several hours compiling a book of the first year of our marriage.

In the end, making a photobook was easier, cheaper, and, truth be told, more fun than scrapbooking. I was able to fit between 500-600 photos in the 90 pages, and even incorporated some of my blog posts to help tell our story. I plan on making this a yearly tradition!





5 thoughts on “Photobook

  1. What an awesome idea… I used to love looking through albums too. You’ve inspired me to try and do this once a year. Whose going to look through all those picture on the computer anyway?

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