16 weeks


Sleeping like her daddy

It’s hard to believe that Katelyn Jael has been here for 16 weeks already. We are currently in Chicago, trying to survive both of our first times away from Daddy with the help of family. We enjoyed a cold Christmas and New Year’s celebration with both sides of our family here, and now Peter is at a work related conference back in sunny California. We have been enjoying nightly Skype sessions, where a confused but happy Kate laughed for a solid 5 minutes when she first realized it was Peter.

Katelyn has been a champion traveler. She was the happiest person on the plane ride here, especially when oblivious to an hour delay on the runway while waiting for our gate. Other than one or two random “bad” nights of sleep (only a 5 or 6 hour stretch), she’s managed a time change and several room changes. Most importantly, I’m pretty sure she managed to steal the hearts of many grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family members of various relations.

The past two or three weeks she’s gotten delightfully interactive. She has two main modes of operation: serious but content or cheerfully talkative. She is starting to mimic sounds we make. But more importantly, we have discovered that her love of lights has now turned into an intense fascination with technology. Computer screens, TVs, phones, iPods….if it lights up, has high contrast or moves, she will stare at it for minutes on end. She’s her daddy’s daughter.




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