That’s a wrap, Hardesty style

The women of our church pulled together a classy Hollywood themed baby shower for the soon to be newest addition of the Hardesty family. While parts of the rest of the country battled clearing out snow drifts, we celebrated with February sun brought in just for the event. Not much more than a year ago we were all at this same home witnessing Jandy and Jonathan’s marriage, and now we are all so excited for their little starlet’s arrival.

Here are some pictures of the fun movie style decorations, food and some of the lovely ladies involved. Thanks to Marci for grabbing the camera and snapping some pictures during the gift opening while Katelyn took some much-needed snoozes in mommy’s arms.

043(6) 045(1) 047(1) 050(1) 055(1) 056(1) 057 064(3)  070(2) 075(2) 077

080 090(1) 102(1)


Okay, okay, I can’t end this post without a little bit of Baby Braggin’:




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