We are loving our two bedroom apartment, but until this weekend Katelyn’s room has unfortunately been an overflow room for extraneous stuff. Slowly but surely I’ve been finding places for things and planning the nursery. I decided to move away from the brown and pink of her closet nursery and went with a blue and deep red color scheme. I like this color combo better, it goes with the blue carpet of our apartment, plus if we end up having a son sometime during our remaining years  here I wouldn’t have to make too many drastic changes.

Thanks to the hard work and handyman skills of Peter yesterday, the crib was put together, furniture rearranged and most of the nursery decor hung. We are so excited that her room is finally looking like a baby belongs there! Here’s the view from the doorway:


To the right of the crib (not pictured) we currently have an A/C unit that is waiting to be sold. Once that is gone we’ll have a basket for Kate’s toys. I found some perfect fabric at Joann’s and used it for the valance, pillow cover, and scraps in the quilt. It looks black in these pictures, but all of the furniture is espresso brown.

Her name over the crib was a random felt project that evolved into this end result and a non traditional play off of the wooden letters that seem to be pretty popular. These are felt scraps stuffed and blanket stitched together. I hung them via ribbon off of nails with painted wooden chips glued to the end.


I found this owl themed canvas at Pier 1 on clearance for $7. It was more orange than red and on first glance I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I realized it adds some extra colors and works great on the wall with the door and closet:


We’ve had the glider since before Kate was born. The crib was a clearance purchase from Burlington Coat Factory. The quilt isn’t quite finished, but it’s almost there. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest hand quilting a first quilt, but it’s turning out okay. I’ll add a bumper soon.


These are projects from a set of blank canvases I picked up from Michael’s for $5 last summer. I still need to add a J for Jael on the blue canvas, and I’m working on a middle canvas that will have two verses from Psalm 127.


A few more projects still to complete, but I’m so happy with how this room is turning out!


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