A Productive Life: A story told in birthdays

3/7/2009: Peter was finishing out his Associates degree at Harper College and chatting online with this random girl named Kara Henreckson several hours a week. (Picture is from earlier than 2009, but it’s the only one I could find)


3/7/2010: Almost through his first year studying at the University of Illinois, several months into a relationship with above mentioned girl.


3/7/2011: Accepted into 7 of the 7 grad schools he applied to, in the middle of four visit weekends to schools around the country. Engaged, planning a wedding for August and two months away from graduating with a 4.0 GPA.


3/7/2012: In California, having recently passed all of his qualifying exams for his PhD program, happily married, expecting a baby.


3/7/2013: En route to candidacy, continuing the good life in California, first birthday with a baby girl.


You are an amazing man and a wonderful husband and father. Your girls love you very much!


And a very happy 15th  birthday to my brother Daniel!


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