9 Months

This little girl has been in our lives for nine months! She is becoming less of a baby with every week as her personality and little girl spunk emerge. This is incredibly fun, but also brings with it new challenges in parenting.
She has the cutest belly laugh, made even cuter now that her first tooth is poking through. She’s laughed frequently before, but laughter unprompted by us is new.
She remains an amazing sleeper. Teething and sickness the past few weeks have made her sleep longer. What? Yes, I know, we’re lucky.
She loves books, pretty much any food we give her (though fruits and cheese are her favorites), babies, doggies, both of her grandmas, water (either baths or pools), and giving slobbery kisses. She also enjoys swinging in the baby swing at the park, going grocery shopping with Momma, and “joining” our conversations with her babblings.
She dislikes sitting still, diaper changes, being hungry, getting dressed, and having to be quiet in church (good thing that’s only during the sermon!). Another dislike is sitting anywhere in the traditional manner. She usually throws one leg up over the side of a stroller, she prefers to sit in her high chair sideways, and when we carry her she likes to be facing OUT!
She surprised us all over our recent trip to Chicago by saying “Baby”. Doggy, Mama and Dada followed quickly. I think she’s close to saying hi (accompanied by ferocious waving of her whole arm) and please.
We love you, Kate Jael!

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