Home projects #1

Campus housing. It’s a blessing on a number of fronts, mainly the proximity to campus (a two minute bike ride to Peter’s office) and cheap(er) rent, for Pasadena at least. But along with apartment living comes a long list of thou shalt nots, including the commandment to keep walls a sterile white.

Now that we are in the apartment that we plan to stay in for the rest of Peter’s PhD program, I feel like I can work on projects and try to make the apartment as non-campusy as possible. For a long time I brainstormed how or what to do to the ample white wall space. Pictures and hangings large enough to cover a fair bit of wall are pretty expensive. I’d love to paint something, but I lack any and all skill in that area. Then I remembered some cheap blank canvases that I had picked up last year in bulk. And then I received a 25% coupon I had for Joann’s on top of the 50% off sale that week for their fabric. Voila! Fabric covered canvas collages!

Of course, then I discovered that about 4 million people on pinterest had already had this brilliant idea. But at least I was able to get some fun tips on how to make the idea reality. Still need a few more for both the living room and bedroom, but these are a start!

This is one of my favorite fabrics. Works perfectly for the wall leading into our yellow tile countered kitchen:
Just a little glue and some careful folding:

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