My coffeetable: Steve Jobs


For a blog post that is slightly different I thought I’d mention an interesting book I’ve been plowing through recently. As committed Microsoft users, Peter and I have gotten ourselves into several amicable, half serious debates with Apple devotees over which company has a better OS. Somewhat randomly while at the library last week I picked up the lengthy biography of Steve Jobs, originator (or one of the originators), of course, of Apple. This type of modern biography is not my typical go-to read, especially one that is so techno-full. Being a child of the computer era, though, I was interested in learning not only the history of these machines, but also learning more about the rivalry between Windows and the Mac.

This biography, by Walter Isaacson, is very well written and quite engaging, even for my humanities-minded brain. And while I am only about half way through, the biography has done nothing so far to change my support of Microsoft. Isaacson holds nothing back while depicting his subject. The first 30 years of Job’s life show a lost, egotistic, manipulative young man. Driven, creative and, at times, charismatic, but far from likeable.

Hopefully the last half of the book is as interesting as the first. I am curious to see if the advent of wife and children change Jobs at all.


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