10 (and a half) months

There is nothing quite like having a baby to make you realize how fast time is going. We have two newborns in our church, and seeing them makes me wonder where my little baby went. There is no question that she is quickly turning into a toddler!

In the past month it seems like Katelyn has matured very quickly in how she interacts with us. It’s hard to point to exact examples, but we can tell that she is starting to understand some of the things we say to her, like “It’s time to go by-by!” or “Daddy’s coming home!” or “Do you want to nurse/some food?” and of course…”No.” We had friend Aubrey in our home two days a week for a few months, so Kate quickly learned to “be nice”.

We had friend Aubrey in our home two days a week for a few months, during which Kate learned what "be nice" meant.

Socially she’s also learning how to interact. While stranger danger has set in a little, if she’s with or near me or Peter she is quick with a smile and an enthusiastic arm wave in greeting. This happens all the time when we’re grocery shopping and has a favorite cashier at both of our frequent stores.



   Eating. Pear is at the top of her list, along with pretty much any finger food we give. Cheese, crackers, toast, teeny pieces of chicken…you name it, she’ll eat it. She’s also trying to feed herself with a spoon.

   The park: Swinging is mostly all she does still, but she loves watching the other “babies” (children all older than her) and waving at them.

   Doggies. Any doggies. Doggies she sees on walks. Doggies she reads about in books. Especially her stuffed Doggie, Daw.

   Music: Dancing (bobbing up and down) on her own or with Mommy or Daddy, or her most recent baby form of humming or singing “aaahhh”.

   Random loves: The bathroom – anytime we leave the door open she’ll make a mad dash for it. Standing at the front door waiting for Daddy to come up the stairs. Playing with her two bottom teeth. Water in any form: pool, ocean, faucet or cup. Peek-a-boo is a favorite game that can be played for a very. long. time.

She greatly dislikes loud noises now, especially the vacuum cleaner. She also dislikes getting dressed and diaper changes, though we’ve been working on getting her to be still for them. And, of course, her great dislike of sitting still for longer than just about five seconds continues.




One thought on “10 (and a half) months

  1. So cute! Will has that doggy too; your mom got it for him because it looked like a baby version of David’s Oda. 🙂 And of course, Oda was “Daw,” hence “Oh Daw!”

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