Music recommendation

Katelyn and I listen to music. Often. Almost all the time. I’ve always preferred music as a backdrop to my day (I seriously considered majoring in music education during my teen years), and Katelyn seems to be enjoying it, too. For a few months she’s been “dancing” to music (bouncing up and down) and recently she’s started waving her hands and shaking her head if a song has a beat that she likes.  She also loves interactive kids songs (any song with Doggies in it is a huge hit) so we’ve made frequent use of the Pandora toddler station.

Anyone familiar with Pandora knows the benefits and…annoyances of its service. There are some fun songs and there are some annoying-as-all-get-out songs, and it takes a while to sort through them and get the station set to your preferred style. In the midst of the early days of obnoxious racket songs, though, we first heard the children’s songs of Elizabeth Mitchell.


I don’t own any of her full albums yet, but what has come up on Pandora has immediately been given a thumbs up. It’s soft folk music for kids, with some of the old classic songs (You Are My Sunshine, This Little Light of Mine) as well as songs I’ve never heard before.

If you have a baby or toddler that enjoys music and want something that is enjoyable for you, too, I’d suggest checking out these albums!


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