Happy Birthday!

On this date last year I experienced the most painful hours of my life. This pain and physical exhaustion were challenged when my baby girl was finally brought to our recovery room two hours later and I was finally able to take in the beautiful gift that God has given us.

Katelyn was born, I blinked my eyes once and now all of a sudden she’s turning one today. There is no pain today, only joy. And now people tell me time moves even faster. Not sure how that’s possible after this past whirlwind of a year, but we’ll find out soon.


One of the reasons the year has gone by so quickly is that it has been so much fun. Hard work, occasionally sleep deprived, but joyful beyond measure. Katelyn has increased our love for each other, made us more grateful for our time here and for what God has called us to.


Her number one trait right now is curiosity. She is constantly attempting and exploring and figuring out and pushing and pulling. The thing that amazes me is how calm she is as she tests. When she is stuck somewhere or can’t figure out how to do something, she rarely whines or cries in frustration. I have watched her spend two minutes figuring out how to get a heavy toy up on the table, had it moved, and repeated the process all over again with focus.


She also loves to give hugs and kisses now, though mostly when she feels like it and not when we ask for one.
She continues to love reading and music, and her word arsenal has increased. Baby, doggie, daddy, bye-bye, please, ball, apple, duck, light, “mmm’ (her signal that she’s hungry), stuck (she loves small places), beep (she also loves helping up open the gate to our apartment).


We love you so much, Kate, and can’t wait to see how you grow in the next year!

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