Motherhood Poems

I need to keep writing. My excuse has been a busy life the past two and something years, which has been true. Unfortunately life is only going to get busier, so if I don’t make time for writing and an occasional poem now I don’t think I will for another 20 years. Bear with me in the coming weeks. It’s going to take a while to get back into the groove. But I’m going to give it a shot. And since I’m  busy being a wife and mother, I figure I might as well write about what I’m living. So this is the first of hopefully many Motherhood Poems. They won’t be grand or philosophic, but they are moments of this special calling that I want to capture in something other than pictures.
Another sun setting,
sun about to burst
on some other young family
in some other place
but now and here
it is sending its parting beams
to our small group of three.


Another campus hill,
five foot nothing,
yet to her it is a mountain
so big that her feet tumble
as she goes too fast,
head under stomach,
California grass barely soft enough
to catch her fall.


Another evening together
full of exotic nothing
that is everything to her
squeals reaching distant ears
as she delights in dirt,
danger, discovery –
just another moment.



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