Second time around


The colloquial cat is out of the bag. Or baby was on the ultrasound, depending on how literal you want to be. Yes, you may go back and read posts written shortly after Kate’s birth and laugh at my silly self for going through all of this all over again so soon, but then I’d probably just laugh in return out of thankfulness for how God has blessed us. We are thrilled to be expecting our second child. Especially since Peter and I are both second-borns ourselves.

I don’t remember a whole lot of specific details about the beginning months of my first pregnancy. I vaguely remember random and sometimes disarming bouts of sickness (car rides and evenings especially) and lying exhausted on the couch a lot. Well, yes. This time around is no different in terms of the former, but very different in terms of the later. Funny thing, a 14 month old doesn’t really understand what “cuddle/quiet time on the couch” means. But we’ve made it through the first almost ten weeks thanks to the sweet understanding of Peter and many, many frozen meals. With Katelyn I started feeling less sick almost magically at the 12 week mark. Hoping that’s the case with this one, since then I’ll fully enjoy the week or two leading up to Christmas.

And we have no gender preferences. We would both love a boy, especially since we both had older siblings of the opposite sex growing up, which was quite fun. Plus then we’d have one of each. But we’d also love for Kate to have a sister close in age (something I never had and always wanted). It helps that we have all the clothes AND the perfect name picked out for a girl. All that to say, we will be thrilled either way.

New experiences this time around:
Peppermint candies provide almost instant relief of the queasies. May only last for the minute or two they are in your mouth, but oh, sweet relief. Future dentist appointments may not be so sweet.

I didn’t have pinterest when I was first pregnant with Kate. Oh my. Avoid the site like the plague if food aversions are at all related to your pregnancy. Nothing good will come out of a “quick glance”.


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