I love themed Christmas decorations. One day I will go out and buy lots and lots of decorations and make Advent and Christmas the most awesomest times ever for our kids. Seeing as we are on a grad school budget and I have mostly purchased decorations randomly on sale or after Christmas on clearance, I don’t always have a lot of options from which to be choosy. As much as I’d love to go with “Rustic”, “Snow”, “Burlap”, or any of the plethora of themes on Pinterest, this year and probably the rest of our time here we’re going with “Christmas”. It gets the point across.

I had a few ideas of things I wanted to make this year to at least get some continuity going. Baby Rapp’s growing spurts and my inability to keep up kept most of that from happening. I am still hoping to get to a few before Christmas Day (and as the second trimester brings health), but here is what we managed so far this year:


The small wreath is the only Christmas addition, but it makes the first glance into our apartment a little more festive.


The collage of fabric canvases was going to clash with the tree, so this was my quick and cheap fix.


Table centerpiece. This might become an advent wreath in future years.


The nativity set we were gifted at our wedding. This will probably be joined by a kid-friendly set in the future. 🙂


And what would Christmas be without some Christmas candy set out…?


The best picture of the tree I have so far


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