The Great Purge

After getting married I discovered that I inherited my mom’s love of purging. Growing up we always lived in small homes, and while I didn’t always appreciate her fervor at getting rid of unnecessary things when it involved toys, I definitely benefited from her uncluttered home. Trips to Goodwill happened several times a year. Even with seven people in 1500 square feet (no basement for storage), my sense of home was peace and organization.


I wish I could say that I was as good at purging and order as my mom. Maybe in another two decades I will learn to perfect these skills. While our apartment is often a far cry from uncluttered, this is my goal. Thankfully Peter also appreciates these things and we are on the same page in terms of how we want our home to look. When it comes to furniture choices, decoration and organization, we both love to keeps things as minimal, open and clear as possible.


So now that we will soon be a family of four in a two bedroom apartment with very little storage space, I’m challenging myself to a purge. (Can someone say Nesting!?)  I’m going to tackle one room at a time and seriously consider the use and practicality of many things that are just hanging around “in case I need it later'”. And if this is something that your home might benefit from, you are most welcome to join along!


Getting two LARGE Rubbermaid bins of 0-12 month girl clothing down to one. AHHH!


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