12/52 and 13/52

Yes, a week got away from me, but for a good reason. We traveled to Chicago for a short visit with both of our families in the suburbs. We split up the time and Kate got lots and lots and lots of attention.

I wasn’t sure how she would handle the two hour time change, stress of traveling all day and loads of new (to her short memory) faces. But within 30 seconds of arriving at my parents’ home she got down, took my almost 13 year old sister’s hand and made fast friends.


12/52 – Aunt Emmy is the best!

The last half of the trip was spent with Peter’s family. More new faces, more new places to sleep and explore, and still Kate held up like a champ.  “Gamma-me” (Grandma Kimmie) and “Doggie/Toe-eee” (Toby) were two favorites from our time there, though the “tick-tock” that noisily chimed every 15 minutes was a close third.


13/52 – Kate, our non-snuggler, cuddled with Toby like this for a solid 15 minutes.



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