“Bown bear! Panna bear!” We own three of Eric Carle’s books, and for the past few weeks they have been Kate’s favorite. She can practically read them to herself now, and she often tries to. Somewhere around 18-19 months she started longer periods of independent playtime. Piles of books on the couch, playing with her doll house and anything involving blocks are her favorites. Of course, she also loves it when I play these things with her, and despite my 33 week stomach that is a sometime-deterrent, I am loving being able to be active with her. Especially after the weeks of bedrest I had at the end of the last pregnancy.

Another favorite game is Sleep. Kate lines up her stuffed animals, puts them in a reclined position and makes a snoring sound. Even better – when Mommy falls asleep and makes the snoring sound herself. She giggles to herself and watches me for a few seconds, and then comes over and gives me a kiss on the head until I say “Good morning!” and then she giggles even more. This is a convenient game for me since real naps are non-existent.


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