We’re finding our rhythm as a family of four. It’s much easier when Peter is home and the parent/child ratio is equal, but even my outnumbered rhythm is becoming more steady. We’re venturing out to the park and for morning walks and more and more weekly errands. The house is even starting to become a little more organized, which is thrilling.

Katelyn loves to help out around the house. She likes to be involved in Andrew’s diaper changes, taking the dirty laundry to the hamper, setting out napkins and spoons on the table, and of course, kitchen work. Perhaps the best task of all is helping stir the cookie dough, which may or may not have happened several times the past few weeks. A nursing momma’s gotta get her calories in.


Andrew’s waking and sleeping patterns are becoming much more defined. He’s been smiling for a few weeks, but lately babbling and interactions have increased.




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