This picture is a week late, but for Labor Day we headed to Huntington Beach with one of Kate’s favorite people in the world, her friend Aubrey. Her parents (who also came from the Chicagoland area) are Caltech friends of ours who live just a block away and have made an appearance or two on this blog before. In recent months Kate and Aubrey have been grand old friends. They squeal in delight when they see each other, and little girl hugs are sure to follow.


One more picture, to document how much gleeful fun she had jumping down the sand and climbing back up.


Andrew is 11 weeks (11 weeks!) and now that Katelyn has evacuated her crib for bigger and better sleeping situations, we are trying to bump his bedtime up so that they can start sharing a room. In about two weeks it’s gone from 10:30….to 10:00…..to 9:30….and just today he went down for the night for the first time ever at 9:00. I am so excited.



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