This is the last picture of Katelyn the one year old. Tomorrow is her birthday, and since she has felt like a two year old for a month or two already (in a good way), I’m not feeling sad about it.

She is busy, always busy, always full of energy. I turn on a toddler Pandora station for her sometimes while I’m preparing dinner and she dances and spins and skips around the room for sometimes 20 minutes at a time without pause. She also loves to sing. ABCs, The Doxology, Holy Holy Holy, Jesus Loves Me, I Love You So Much, and others…including some of the songs from Frozen. Cough cough. She still needs some work on her enunciation, but even when I can’t tell what she’s trying to sing by the lyrics and I always tell by the tune; her pitch is right on.


Andrew will be three months later this week. He is quieter and perhaps a little more serious than Kate was at this age. He has just started to laugh a little, which sounds more like a happy squeal followed by some quick intakes of breath. One of his favorite things is walks in the stroller now, thankfully for my sake since we’re in the middle of a heatwave and carrying him in the Ergo is torture. He continues to hate tummy time as much as his sister and hasn’t rolled over yet, but he can scoot around on his back and launch himself out of his swing and seat – hello buckles!


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