Real Life


It’s been one of those weeks so far, the ones where you are fighting a bad attitude and the attitude is winning the battle. And then the mommy guilt sinks in and memories of the previous lost battle only bolster the bad attitude, which makes you loose another battle. And so on and so forth. Good thing a lost battle doesn’t equate a lost war. Repentance, thankfulness, patience. Repeat.


I love these little sanctifiers, even/especially when a photo shoot turns into a case of the fussies and when and several nights’ worth of attempting to wean the 16 week old from swaddles turns into dark circles under the eyes. But God has given us gifts of crockpots (the only way dinner has made it to the table the past few days), cuddles (blankets and movie time with the two year old), and cookies (cookies).



2 thoughts on “41

  1. I am wondering how long we will have to swaddle Charlotte. She is beginning to outgrow hers and it is a question of try it without or buy bigger…

    • The swaddle got us through the newborn stage, but I think the earlier we get Andrew sleeping well without them, the better. I think it might be an even harder transition at 5 or 6 months.

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