42 and 43


A friend from church gave us these fun wooden blocks which have been quite the hit around the house this week.

It’s been a busy few weeks. Peter is in the thick of starting a new project at school, I continue to work around 15 hours a week from home, the kids are growing (and growing some more), choir season started again at church, lots of friends and baby showers and all the wonderful stuff that comes from having a fantastic family and community.

We’ve also been challenged by sickness and a few bad nights of sleep on Andrew’s part that have taken some recovery time on my part. And lots of coffee. So pardon the combination of last week and this in one post.


The kids have started interacting a lot recently. Andrew loves to sit up and watch Kate’s hourly antics. She loves to steal laughter out of him. This picture isn’t the best quality, but he was giggling at her playing peek-a-boo.


He has found his toes! And thumb.


A fun fort adventure with Dad, which included new books, flashlights and ice cream.


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