This little man is already such a charmer. All Peter or I have to do is just look at him and his whole face erupts into a huge smile. He is watching us so much more intently lately, and has started laughing at us, but mostly especially Kate, when we laugh. In true second-born fashion, his nap and feeding schedule are often postponed or moved around during the day due to errands or activities that have to be completed, but he is such a happy, content little guy that he often goes along with the flow. Unless he’s hungry. Don’t mess with him if he’s hungry.


This little gal has personality and then some trapped in her little two year old body. She sings all day and often asks for music during play time or in the car. In the past two or three months she has become so communicative. She is constantly coming up with new made up or imitated sentences. Sometimes I feel like we have a three year old under our roof. She is also learning the joys of doing it “MYSELF!”, so I’m figuring out when and where to give her independence and when to draw the Mommy Line.


These two TOGETHER are the best. They love one another already. If Andrew is crying she’ll go over and pat him or say “It’s okay, buddy!” He’ll watch her for a solid half an hour as she plays and sings and dances around him. I can’t wait to see their friendship grow in the years to come.


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