“Hi Mom! I’m Kate!” She is full of surprising sentences; I’m sure she must pick them up from us sometime, but I don’t even realize how closely she’s watching until she copies something we do. Like feeding her baby doll, burping her and putting her to bed singing our bedtime song, moments after I finish doing all those same things in that same order to Drew. Or when she sings along with us during choir (oops!), because somehow she managed to learn the song during practice in her own 2 year old way. IMG_1815-2

This baby grew up overnight. Almost literally. He went from one day kinda-sorta rolling over when he really wanted to, to rolling across the room and getting up on his hands and knees. Once he removes the barrier of putting his head on the floor, much like a bull pawing the ground, he’ll be off crawling before I can say matador. He also devours pureed foods now, and gags on cheerios. We’ll work on the cheerios.


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