6 months

I share a birthday with my brother (three years apart), so we grew up celebrating half birthdays as well as our actual entrance into the world. I don’t have big plans for continuing the tradition in our family – unless a similar phenomenon occurs in the future – but I still think of them when the dates roll around.
Andrew is half a year today. We often feel like we are still just barely getting to know him, and yet it’s impossible to imagine him not being in our family. I obviously had much more one-on-one time with Katelyn by this point, so the fact that he still gets up once at night to eat is fine by me; I love those rare moments of just me and my son.

In the past few weeks he’s gone from barely rolling over to rocking up on his hands and knees, probably just days away from crawling. He has serious abs. He loves to drool and drool and drool, rarely spits up (unlike his sister), and refused the pacifier around 3 months in favor of sucking his fingers, most often his thumb. He refuses to sleep on his back now and we almost always find him sleeping with his knees tucked under him and his little butt in the air.

He has a quiet intensity about him. He babbles less than his big sister did, but he smiles just as much. When he smiles he literally throws his whole body into it. He watches and observes all of us. He knows now when we are eating and he doesn’t get to join in – I wanted to slowly introduce foods and keep it to dinner time, but we might have to feed him at lunch as well given his vocal disapproval at his lack of food.

Side note: apparently I did not fully appreciate the relative ease that comes with baby-proofing a house with one child. I could remove a potentially hazardous item and it would, remarkably, STAY wherever I put it until I chose to move it again. Now, with a two year old obsessed with dress-up and all the small accessories that go with that (princess rings, princess necklaces, not to mention marker covers and learning about banks and coins), having a six month old who can roll to the other side of the room in 30 seconds flat has proven to be a challenge I am just barely keeping ahead of.

But of course, challenges are just one aspect of parenting. There are baby belly laughs and snuggles and first steps and moments when you realize you just had a legitimate conversation with your toddler. There are lots of moments still to come. We love them all, and we love our second-born, our first-born son. Happy first half birthday, Drew!

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