Old and New

It’s been a little while. The past few weeks have been full ones; Christmas, a new camera as a Christmas gift from Peter, a two week trip to Chicago, a downtown date, New Year’s, a trip back to LA and now our first foray into both kids being miserably sick. Fill in lots of busy days, visits with family and friends, tons of food and a few extra pounds per person and you have the last three weeks. Consider this a merrychristmashappynewyearsupdate post.

IMG_2004 IMG_2001

IMG_2225-2 IMG_2627-2

IMG_2438 IMG_2459 IMG_3010-2

Kate loved Christmas the year. She admired Christmas trees and lights, loved opening presents about five different times with different family, and learned three different Christmas carols which she sang over…and over….and over again. In fact, she even serenaded our fellow airplane passengers on both flights.

Both kids traveled well on our trip to Chicago. Having flown with a kid at many different ages, I’d have to say flying with Andrew at 6 months was one of the hardest ages we’ve experienced; but even so, he did really well. They both did so well with all the craziness that was the holiday season for us. Time changes, several house and sleeping changes, mom and dad going away for a night, not to mention meeting probably a hundred new people, but they did well through it all. Only towards the end of the visit did they start to get a little antsy. I think two weeks without much of a routine started to get to them, and of course the last day in town they were both out with colds. The flight back was pretty crazy, but we made it. We are all thankful for wonderful times with both of our families and all the hospitality and love shown to us.


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