Seven months / 2 years 4 months

(I am finally finding some time to play around with my new camera and learn its capabilities. I have a long way to go. But considering that the majority of my pictures are shot indoors with squirmy kids – and the fact that I haven’t used a flash in months – I’m already really excited about its ability to capture many more focused, sharp images of them. Lots to learn still!)



This little lady is just that – all little lady. She’s already starting to skip ahead of the toddler years and before we know it we’re going to have a girl on our hands. She can pretty much always be found wearing a princess dress and random accessories. She loves to dance with us, and recently she asked if we could get married. I told her that I was already married to Daddy, so she proceeded to hold Andrew’s hand and marry him. After they were married, she gave him a kiss and said, “happily every after, The End!”

Potty training with her was far easier than the experience I had been bracing myself for. Part of that is how amazingly she communicates with us. She is always talking and singing these days. Gone are the days of one word answers; she is all about the sentences.




Because of the high energy interactions with Kate these days, we’re thankful that Andrew is 21 months behind. He is quite content to just have us sit on the floor and play with him. He is all smiles right now with his recently-learned ability to crawl. He’s giving Kate a run for her money and we’re experiencing daily lessons in sharing and being patient with unintentionally Destructive Drew. They have many sweet interactions, and given how often he crawls over to her it’s obvious that he thinks she’s awesome. We are hopefully days away from his transition to Kate’s room, which is not a day too soon – he almost completely fills out the mini crib in the hallway. He’s all about the food and unlike Kate, he actually seems to enjoy vegetables.


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