9 months and 2 and a half

Kate celebrated her half birthday yesterday and Drew celebrates 9 months tomorrow. Today seems like an appropriate day to give an update on the kids, since I appear to be awful at writing things down anywhere else:

IMG_4164 IMG_4312 IMG_4244 IMG_4292

9 months:

     Drew is officially saying hi, most recently with an occasional hand wave.  For a month or two he’s been crawling after me saying “Mommommommom”, but I’m not yet sure if that is him calling for me or simply his whining syllable.
     He is a little climber. Thankfully he’s better in the motor skills department than Kate was and very rarely gets stuck in a position, but since he is more confident he also seems to be more prone to getting scrapes. What’s that, he’s a boy?! See that scrape on his forehead? One of his favorite pastimes is swinging doors (or book pages) open and closed with vigor, and I’m pretty sure the scrape came from the door fighting back.
     He also LOVES food and HATES seeing food and not being able to consume it right away. When we finally all sit down at the table with food set out, prayer time is often accompanied by grunts and enthusiastic kicks while he waits for his first spoonful.
     Kate’s room is officially the kids’ shared room. Bed time goes so smoothly now! Our whole family heads into their room; Dad reads a story while Andrew gets his last feeding of the night, then we pray and sing together and the lights go out and it is miraculously quiet. Amazing. Sometimes the kids will laugh a little or have sibling antics for a minute or two, but we can usually go in once and ask Kate to be quiet, which quiets them both down.
     He has two teeth. He loves feeding himself finger food, namely peas and cheerios. He loves to bounce and walks along furniture. If he could talk, I think when we ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he would say that he wants to be Kate.

IMG_4294 IMG_4268 IMG_4151-2 IMG_4317

Two and a half:

     Katelyn is all about the puzzles and princess anything. Princess puzzles are the best combination, as well as princess outfits, princess songs, princess coloring books, princess purses. She can probably sing 50 songs, and that is no exaggeration. She frequently pipes in and asks questions at dinner time. She asks how we are doing when she sees us, and when we ask her she says, “I’m doing well!” Grammar freak parenting win.
     Some of her favorite activities, besides assembling puzzles (which she will do for close to an hour at a time) are dance parties, trips to the zoo and talking about our new favorite animals, having a sip of mom’s coffee (iced in particular), and asking  “What’s that, Mom? What? What?”. She adores music, listening to music, any music, all the time, and can identify, with increasing accuracy, the individual instruments playing in songs. She recently developed a much longer attention span for longer kids books, so reading has become much more fun for us. She also is starting to get the knack of riding her new tricycle around campus.
     Also, she loves birthdays. Anyone’s birthday, really. We picked up the basic train set at Ikea the other day for Andrew’s first birthday in June, and ever since then she can’t stop talking about his birthday. “Remember the train. We will sing happy birfday. And give him the train. Remember!” She calls him Buddy, loves to make him laugh and tries to calm him when he’s upset over a too-long diaper change. Lately she’s started singing to him, and he actually calms down for her! Adorable.

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