Happy First Birthday!



Our little man is one today! His shock of blonde curls, exuberant “hi” and hand wave, high-fives, kisses and emphatic, intense love for food have added much to family in the 12 months he’s been a part of it. Here’s a quick look at the past twelve months:


After a rough labor and delivery for Katelyn, I was incredibly nervous driving to the hospital the morning of June 19. Andrew’s delivery was a fantastic experience! We were checked in to the hospital at noon, contractions set in at 2, and he was delivered by 8:20pm after ten minutes of pushing. Recovery was not quite such a wonderful experience, but we had our son, happy and healthy! 7 and a half pounds, 21.5 inches.


From day one he was a champion eater!


And he pretty much slept through or went along with any and all holding his big sister could manage.


Andrew’s baptism at Christ Church.


First trip to the beach at two weeks. I’m convinced that’s why he loves water so much now. 🙂


He was a good napper during the day, but night time was not such a breeze. Now that we can see how much food excites him, the first few months make sense. Night wakings matched with Kate’s toddler day time energy made for some exciting, coffee-filled days.


Kate was the best with “Edrew” and he clearly was quite curious and enamored with her.



He hiked Mt. Whitney at 5 months.


And at Christmas was half a year. We flew to Chicago and he was able to meet lots of extended family.


At seven months he was sitting, crawling and got his first tooth. He has definitely focused more on mobility than vocabulary in the past few months. He was finally down to one night time feeding, so our goal by eight months was to move him from his hallway dwelling to Kate’s room.



Right around nine months he turned into one of the cutest kids on the planet.


Lots of water. Water is his second love, right after food.


He loves our daily walks on campus as much as Kate and I do, though he normally is stroller-bound.

IMG_5296 IMG_5519

At ten months he had his first boat ride and we spent two nights on Catalina Island.


And at eleven months we went to Yosemite.

We love you, Drew!

IMG_7241-2 IMG_7262 IMG_7247 IMG_7250


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