October Update


I missed Kate’s three year update. Ah, life. A few weeks after Andrew’s birthday we were off to Chicago/St. Louis to see family and attend a wedding. We came back and I got things in order for a big project:  the start of my education major studies. This is something I’ve wanted to pursue for a while, and thanks to some fantastic financial aid offers and the ability to do distance learning, now seemed like the right time. At half time enrollment it should only take two years to complete. This first class has been a learning curve for me in more ways than one, but thanks to my husband’s encouragement, God’s grace, and my weekly planner, so far it’s going well.

We also took a quick trip up the the Bay area with some good church friends of ours, and soon after Peter’s sister visited us for a week. She’s also taking classes online, so we had a great time nerding out while studying together.

Oh, and sometime in all of this my oldest turned three years old! She is a hoot and a half, a constant talker (no, really….constant), and amazes me every day even while keeping me on my toes. Recently she started saying made-up words (because apparently speaking in complete, well-structured sentences wasn’t enough for her), so Peter and I turned her made-up words into made-up characters. She frequently asks for adventure stories about the “Noonies and the Peemies”, and every once in a while they just might knock on our door or turn up at the grocery store as we run errands. When my creativity runs dry, I have her help me tell fill in the blank stories, which she finds fun, thank goodness.

She started attending our church’s kids Sunday School which she often talks about during the course of the week. Walks on campus are still a must most days, but Trader Joe’s is officially her favorite place to walk to (who wouldn’t love to walk there with free lollipops for the asking!).

I try to do a brief “school” session with her after breakfast, which includes a Bible story book, some drawing activity and learning her uppercase and lower case letters. She soaks it all up.



Andrew is now 15 months, and just recently decided that maybe it was kinda about time to begin walking. He is adorable. He gets a huge grin on his face that all but says, “Look at me! I’m doing it!” He can walk about the length of a room or two before getting wobbly, and is getting better at directional shifts. He also started “talking”, which mostly consists of single consonant grunts. It’s my job to differential between cow and cup, dad and dog and down, etc., which proves to be more challenging than you might think. He loves trying to communicate new words, and it is definitely keeping frustration levels down. He’s learned to hold our hands when we pray, and as soon as Peter says “In Jesus’ name” Andrew shouts out “(a)MEN!”, eagerly awaiting the food about to hit his high chair. He recently started to build towers out of wooden blocks and has the cutest blonde curls you’ll ever see.

He is as boy as boy can be. He instinctively loves to climb and crawl into nooks and crannies. He plays ball. He loves getting dirty and smearing food in his hair. He eats and eats and eats. He has a fantastic palate most of the time, until he makes up his mind that some textures are not okay, in which case he’ll refuse to eat. He dislikes diaper changes and being held still, but still voluntarily snuggles way more than Kate ever did and will even sometimes fall asleep in my arms. He and Kate love giggling and occasionally screeching at each other when we put them to sleep at night. Despite, or maybe because of that, they both (usually) sleep really well.

I definitely have two active children on my hands. They are interested in all the same toys, and Andrew’s height (at his last appointment he was 95th percentile) gives him access to most areas of the house. This has me actively trying to teach them how to share, love one another, and how to ask for Mom’s intervention instead getting mad at each other. This is rare, but isn’t parenthood a work all about patience and slow progress?






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