Children’s Bible Reviews

Our bedtime routine for the kids generally includes one book, one bible story, and singing. We’ve managed to pick up (or be gifted) a number of children’s bibles. There are so many out there that when I first started looking I had no idea what to get. We’ve been really happy with some and underwhelmed with others, so I thought I would list the ones we have here with a brief review. If you have some that you love that aren’t listed here, please comment! (Click on the pictures of each book to read more reviews on Amazon.)


The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers: Ages 1-3

Would we buy again: No

Each page has a single Bible story. It is really simplistic and takes about 30 seconds to read. It is probably best read with some elaboration.

The recommended age is 1-4, though I don’t think anyone older than 3 will enjoy it much unless it is used as a first reader. I got it when Kate was two and a half and it was already too young for her.


Read Aloud Bible Stories Volumes 1-5: Ages 1-3
Would we buy again: Yes
This is more of an interactive storybook bible. It’s aimed at younger kids and includes things like counting, repetition, and simplified language. They do a really good job with the stories. The illustrations are a bit odd, but Kate doesn’t seem to mind. (There are about five stories per volume, so this is a bit pricey.)

The Big Picture Story Bible: Ages 2-5
Would we buy again: Definitely!
We have literally worn through this Bible; it is our favorite children’s bible so far. The stories are about 5 minutes long, short enough for Andrew to sit still and long enough to actually teach Kate. We’ve read this several times through to Kate and she is slowly learning more and more about each story with each read thru. I only wish it was two volumes instead of one. Really stellar work.


The Jesus Storybook Bible: Ages 3-6
Would we buy again: Maybe
I wish I could wholeheartedly recommend this. There are so many good things about it.. It’s a great transition story bible, definitely for kids with slightly longer attention spans. The illustrations are engaging. Each Old Testament story hints at the coming of Christ. The stories are frequently poetic. The only negative thing about this version is how the authors take some liberty with the stories and biblical language. Some parts of the stories are nicely poetic, but others are just plain odd (comparing Psalm 23 to the top 40 charts? Really?). I’ve paraphrased and changed some of the wording and we’re still working through this as part of our school. I kind of recommend this, but just be aware some some of their phrasings are…odd.

The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories: Age 3-?
Would we buy again: Yes
I haven’t read many of these stories, but I’ve read enough to give a basic review. Each story is still fairly short, but this is the most mature of the bibles. My favorite thing about this is how many stories are included – by far the most comprehensive of all the children’s bibles we have. When I was considering purchasing this one I read one or two reviews from people who said the author took some liberties with the stories. The parts I’ve read so far have been fine, but since I haven’t read the whole thing I can’t say this isn’t true. I am really excited to go through this with Kate soon


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